5 Mindful Ways to Prepare for Autumn

October 3, 2018

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Not unlike the changes in season, we experience changes within ourselves, body, mood etc. I know from my own experience I can become more insular and develop an insatiable craving for pumpkin spice everything. Autumn is known as the beginning of the Yin season, as opposed to the extroverted Yang seasons of Summer and Spring. Here’s a list we’ve put together to help you prepare as the weather begins to cool in the UK. 




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1. Hydrate - As we start to feel the chill we step away from icy water and opt for hot diuretics such as coffee and tea. This surprisingly puts us more at risk of dehydration than in warmer months. Try having herbal, caffeine free teas or hot water with lemon and ginger, yum! You can also pop into For the Core for free tea after selected classes. Also check out our blog on the Top Tea’s for Autumn. 




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2. Autumn clean - As the trees shed their leaves it’s time for us to also let go of what does not serve us. Be that the hoard of shopping bags in the kitchen cupboard or unhealthy relationships and limiting beliefs. Start decluttering your mind by practicing Yoga and meditation. There are lots of classes around London and also some great YouTube videos. At For the Core in Hoxton, we recommend one yoga session a week with one of our trained and talented yoga teachers to guide you. Keep an eye on our instagram @FTcore for class package deals! 




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3. Step away from the salt shaker - Your blood vessels constrict to conserve heat in lower temperatures, which causes an increase in blood pressure. It’s best to avoid processed meats (sausages, bacon) and cheese. Reduce sodium in your cooking by experimenting with citrus flavours like lemon, lime and vinegars as well as including spices and herbs. 




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4. Discover Something New to Learn - After the fun of Summer and with September being the beginning of the academic year, it’s the perfect time to challenge yourself and develop a new skill. So many courses will be starting at this time, from dance at RADA to landscape painting in Hackney the world is your oyster this month. 




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5.Plan a Weekend away - This is the season to slow down and ground yourself, move forward from the frantic energy of summer and book a short break to the woods. Chinese philosophy associates Autumn with the element of metal. So plan some time to re-center and reflect by observing the colourful changes in nature. 



Thank you for reading. Enjoy this Autumn <3 











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