A Spring Clean for the Soul

March 8, 2018




Contrary to the chill sweeping London, spring is here and with it comes a flurry of frantic
tidying and upheaval, as the season of the obligatory “spring clean” ushers in the urge to
purge one’s home of all unnecessary clutter. As this mentality sets in, when better to clear
one’s mind of clutter too? One of the most effective ways of doing so is by practicing yoga.
Although many of yoga’s benefits are physical - with improved balance, defined muscle tone
and the enhancement of core strength being among these, some of the most profound benefits
of consistent yoga practice are psychological.


Clarity is a rare and fleeting emotion in the chaos of today’s world, especially for those of us
who are living in big cities and taking part in the daily rat race. Yoga provides a way to find
a balance in a hectic lifestyle, combining the physical and mental aspects of exercise in a
positive package. It is a therapeutic and meditative way to declutter the mind and tone the
body. Studies have linked yoga to a decrease in stress hormones and suggest that is an
effective method of managing anxiety and depression. Beneficial for muscle stiffness, yoga
is well known to increase flexibility and strength and is often used when rehabilitating.

Really, the positive effects of yoga are endless and these are reiterated by yogis everywhere.

So why not take the time this spring to institute a shift towards a fresh and renewed mindset?

You don’t need to be a former gymnast or a retired circus performer to begin practicing, there
are levels for everyone and flexibility is built through consistent practice. Although tougher
than it looks, (there is some definite strength required) most teachers are more than happy to
assist beginners in finding their way around the various poses. So shed the shackles of
winter and enter spring with a yoga class, your mind and body will thank you.

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