Coming up this Sunday: Your Body and Soul in Motion

February 14, 2018



We asked Vlada to tell us what Yoga meant to her, to which she said: "The meaning of Yoga is always in progress; continuously shifting and transforming its purpose. Perhaps it was this very recognition of Yogic motion that led her to conceive her upcoming workshop: Your Body and Soul in Motion. 


“Motion is physical movement, rhythm, pulse, heartbeat, and breath. It can take us out and away from ourselves, but then again, it can help us finding our way back to our truest selves.”


In yoga practice, we tune into all types of ‘motions’ that are available and present to us. Our aim is to do this mindfully, whilst being fully aware of the type of motion we are choosing to explore. The most obvious example is through yoga poses (‘asana’) whether we are flowing, or standing still. In Vlada’s opinion, even the ‘still’ poses entail motion: “Just pay attention to the movements of ligaments and muscles when you’re balancing on one foot. You will see that there is a lot of movement taking place. Your balancing foot is in fact not still at all.” Another example of yogic motion is the deep breath work we sometimes engage in, which is also referred to as ‘Pranayama’ and includes intense exercises for the respiratory system that stimulate chest chamber and abdominal region, enabling us to “tune in from within”. Vlada pairs this intense form of breathing with chanting and singing, which essentially is “an intense form of breathing too.”


All in one, the workshop is a vinyasa session following a typical flow, and injected with singing and meditation slots in between. Expect a warming, uplifting, dynamic session that will help you keep moving through the remaining winter months. All levels and injuries are welcome - sign up today. 


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