How to stay energised in the dark winter mornings

November 16, 2017



It is increasingly difficult to shift those bones in the morning and leave a toasty bed to enter the often gloomy and cold London winter mornings.


The short winter days can often have an affect on our temperament and definitely our energy levels. Here are some life hacks inspired by yogic practices that can help you to open up and embrace the winter mornings with open arms:


1. Drink Water

This seems obvious but it's astonishing how often we allow ourselves to become dehydrated. An easy solution is to prepare a tall glass of water next to your bed at night and as soon as you wake up; down it! This life elixir starts your metabolism, clears away bad morning breather and has a whole host of health benefits, referred to as "usha paan" in yoga. If you're feeling fancy, use warm water and add some lemon or embrace a cup of decaf tea. Pro tip: Yogi teas stock a range of Ayuvedic teas which are perfect for detoxing in the morning.


2. Go to flight mode and find your mantra

Set your phone to flight mode before you go to bed to avoid the inevitable work email/Instragram notification distractions.  Set a positive intention: "today is going to be the best day of my life!" If you wake up with a positive statement, you're much more likely to resonate with the statement throughout the day allowing it to manifest with yourself and others. So, spread the good vibes!



We are always strapped for time in the morning but take 5-10 minutes to gently move the spine and you'll find it is the best way to wake up your body. Yoga moves such as the child's pose (balasana); seated twist (ardha matsyendrasana); side stretch (parsva sukhasana); and cat/cow (marjaryasan/bitilasana) poses are gentle, relaxing and energising. Keeping a healthy spine also goes a long way to keeping our immune system strong and improving our coordination, focus and reflexes.

4. Meditate

Finding time for a quick pause after your morning stretch will give you greater peace of mind, leaving you more positive and focused. Pro tip: Download the Insight Timer app - this is a great tool to help track your meditation and set regular timings tailored to your schedule.


5. ...And Smile

Commuting can be such a drag especially in the dark mornings, but what a difference when we notice someone laughing or smiling. It’s contagious! Think of something to smile about and pass it on!



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