Meet: Vlada Tcharyeva

September 18, 2017




How did you first get into yoga? 

It took me two attempts. The first time I simply wanted to try a new workout, so I committed for 1 - 2 years on an irregular basis. The second time, I needed to recover from a big heartbreak. I haven't stopped practicing ever since...


What changes did you notice after you began yoga?

I was told to loose all judgement towards my physical performance. After a while, I started to adapt that approach onto my 'other' life. This way of thinking improved my social relationships and eventually my own happiness.

What was your funniest yoga experience?

Ohhh, there are so many! Let me tell you the most recent one, which happened at FTC. I told the students to get into the 'candle' pose, which caught them by surprise, they had no idea what I meant. I started instructing them, but they still seemed baffled. And then someone (Heather) said "Oh, you mean shoulder stand!", so I guess we got there in the end.


What is your yoga philosophy?

This often changes its shape but fundamentally, I try to practice and teach mindfulness and compassion. Towards oneself and towards one-an-other.


Who has been your greatest influence throughout your journey?

Naomi Annand. She was the conveyer of the studio's first teacher training, of which I was part of. 


What would you say to someone to encourage them to start their yoga journey?

Try to commit to a few consecutive classes to get a good feel. Make sure you'll find out about the style of the classes in advance so you can choose something that appeals to you. There are super cheap starter-packs available so money shouldn't be an issue to get a taster. Try to experiment with different styles and most importantly; do not compare or judge yourself.


What's you favourite asana and why?

Trikonasana - Triangle pose is my favourite because all of physical areas are equally engaged. There's soo much going on, so you have no choice but to be present, mindful and keep breathing. It's a funny yogic trick to softly force you into a moment of awareness. Including the twisting is rewarding and draining, but makes you tired in a nice way - like your wrenching a towel and removing all toxins from your system.

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