What is Hatha Yoga?

August 5, 2017


Without getting bogged down in yoga jargon, 'Hatha' is a general term for most yoga styles we see today. In ancient Indian dialect called Sanskrit: 'Yoga' means to yoke, to unify, to become one and 'Hatha' means by force or with effort. 


Specifically, Hatha is often referred to as the classic style of Yoga as we know it western society - it harmonises the mind and body through Asanas (yoga poses, both static and dynamic) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) to create duality in the mind and body. Hatha Yoga was originally developed in preparation for the deeper spiritual practice of Meditation.


As each practitioner uses Yoga for more than its original purpose - today, there are so many different yoga styles to choose from. Whether you desire weight loss, improved coordination and flexibility, anxiety and stress relief or a complimentary practice alongside more HIIT workouts, sports or weight training. Men, women, young and old have all taken up Yoga due to its many diverse benefits.


The common misconception about having to be "spiritual" to enjoy the Yoga practice has long passed. The best thing about Yoga is that you can be on whatever spiritual path you choose (if any!) but being open minded definitely helps you unwind in the class. It is inclusive and non-discriminatory by its innate nature, meaning absolutely everyone can embrace its benefits.


What is certain: once finished with a Yoga class, you will feel rejuvenated, energised, optimistic, refreshed and all those cuddly adjective words - leaving you "yoga stoned".

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