Amelie Woods

Pilates - All levels

Amelie discovered Pilates through dance, it was important in her development as a dancer and is a practice she has continued to develop throughout her life. 

Now a level three mat teacher Amelie enjoys taking classes that focus on simultaneously strengthening and mobilising the body. 

Each class is set to a carefully curated playlist which encourages focus on the class and movements.

Stefania Menga

Power Vinyasa, Tuesday - all levels

Stefania has dedicated her life to a number of physical disciplines: including martial arts, running and yoga. Her classes are based on a dynamic practice, accessible by all levels thanks to her attention in always providing variations and adjustments. Her mission during each class is to guide the students to become fully aware of the energy floating in their body and mind. She strongly supports the importance of maintaining a steady, constant breath during the practice as a mean of moving the energy in the body, calming the mind and finding physical balance in each pose. Stef’s ultimate aim is that of helping her Students to develop physical and mental strength to use in their daily life and to share to other people. 


Stefania sends huge gratitude to all her teachers, especially to Emi Tull, her Dharma Yoga Teacher, Melissa Zelaya, Helen Russell Clark and Marcus Veda, her Rocket Yoga Teachers, for building her body strength and for teaching her the value of compassion and acceptance. 


Check out her instagram @stefyogi234

Anna De Sousa

Dynamic Vinyasa

Anna discovered yoga during her last year of uni. She was under a lot of pressure and her unhealthy habits started to impact her life negatively. 

When she found yoga it changed her life. The physical changes were evident but, most importantly, she learnt how to deal with stress and anxiety.

She decided to learn more about yoga and became a certified Yoga Teacher(200HR).

Anna is a fun and energetic teacher who instantly makes you feel welcomed and relaxed through her friendly approach. 

She creates flowing sequences which move around the body in different ways, and are suitable for all levels including beginners.

Whether you want to gain strength, flexibility, mobility or calm the mind, her classes are perfect for you.'

Georgia Powell

Sunrise Vinyasa

Georgia's classes are dynamic and down to earth. She teaches a playful vinyasa flow which nudges you to challenge your existing perceptions and explore what your body can achieve. 


Also a therapist, Georgia has a sensitivity and respect for the strengths and limitations of body and mind. She likes to integrate her learnings about the mind/body connection into her classes - exploring relationship, resilience and knowing when to rest in a world that’s constantly demanding more.


On the mat Georgia finds fire in arm balances, while in life she strives for a more subtle balance in all that she does.

Caroline Druitt

Hatha Flow - All Levels

Yoga, for me, is so much more than just the physical asana. The knowledge of anatomy, drawing from both Western and Eastern observations, plus the philosophical aspects that inform the practice have changed the way I interact with both myself & the world around me.

I incorporate elements of these teachings in my yoga classes, giving meaning behind the poses and bringing the postures to life.

My classes are focused yet playful and creative, encouraging curiosity and an exploratory nature. Through continued practice I encourage my students to find balance between strength and softness, challenge and ease, fluidity and stillness.

Lois Hipgrave

Pilates - All Levels

Lois is a REP’s accredited level 3 Pilates instructor and teaches all levels, including small equipment. She decided to teach Pilates after seeing positive results from strengthening the core to improve posture and reduce back pain. A keen runner and cyclist, Lois also sees Pilates as a great way to strengthen and mobilise the muscles and joints to benefit the body throughout cardiovascular exercise. Her sessions really focus on engaging the core, breathing techniques and hip stability whilst using hands on adjustment to make sure clients get the best out of her sessions.

Vlada Maria

Flow and Restore, Dynamic - All Levels

With her fine art background, Vlada teaches a creative Vinyasa style, including elements like abstraction, contrast, observation, balance and flow. Offering variations to all-level students, her breath-led classes are tailored for students who enjoy flowing through asanas mindfully, yet with a challenging twist.


Vlada has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, travelling to workshops in Bali, Costa Rica and New York. In 2016, she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Course convenor Naomi Annand together with Adam Hocke and Andrew McGonigle, who is also known as Doctor Yogi, trained Vlada in the instruction of therapeutic Vinyasa with a special emphasis on mindful movement and anatomically-intelligent sequencing.

Sanna Mäenpää

Friday Vinyasa Flow - All levels

Sanna discovered yoga as a way to de-stress whilst studying for her MA. The deeper dimensions of yoga that continue to unfold, have kept her curious ever since. She teaches a flowing form of yoga focusing on the mindfulness of the body. Excited about the potential of yoga to establish communities, Sanna has been teaching yoga at a migrants’ social centre for the past year. Alongside her yoga practice, Sanna is a long-time student of somatic movement and dance. Sannapracticed contemporary dance growing up, nowadays with a specific interest in solo and contact improvisation. She seeks to bring some of the poetics and playfulness of these forms also into her yoga teaching. 


Hatha Vinyasa - All Levels

Rebeca first came to yoga for the physical benefits and since then her passion has continued to grow. She has been fascinated with the practice and different styles of yoga, particularly how to control the mind and breath through her practice. Rebeca finds she learns a lot through her practice. It is the feeling that she has after practicing, calm, relaxed, aware, connected to her body and happiness!

Rebeca completed her 200hrs Anusara immersion & teacher training programme at Triyoga London with Bridget Woods Kramer in 2018.

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Melissa Re

Yin and Hatha - all levels

Melissa Re is a multi-style yoga teacher specialising in Yin Yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. She obtained her yoga teaching certifications internationally in Dharamsala, India and Kyoto, Japan, and currently resides in London, England.

Melissa has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and has an athletic background performing internationally as an aerial acrobat and contortionist. Melissa's years of physical training give her a keen understanding of body mechanics and a high level of body awareness. Melissa also has a BA in Psychology and a deep interest in psychological health, emotional balance and wellbeing. She is passionate about yoga as a way to integrate and share her knowledge of both mind and body.

Melissa is a warm and caring teacher who enjoys creating a beautiful atmosphere in her classrooms, allowing her students to feel safe and inspired to release, relax and fully let go.

Charlie Granger

Dynamic Flow (elemental yoga), Tuesday- all levels

Charlie discovered yoga by using it as therapy and healing after being diagnosed with a heart condition. When we combine movement with the breath, it allows energy to shift and move in our bodies resulting in a state of balance.

After feeling the therapeutic effects of yoga first hand, Charlie decided to offer this to others. She has over 500Hrs of specialist training in yoga, a degree in Psychology & Neuroscience, is a qualified yoga and holistic therapist and a mental health coach. She offers workshops and 1:1's on coaching, mental health support and yoga therapy. 

Charlie's classes are fun and packed with energy. She provides detailed cues with

special emphasis on the therapeutic sides of yoga and it's benefits to our bodies. 

She creates a space to relax and decompress from the stresses and strains of city life. All levels welcome. 


Follow her on Instagram @deep.tide

Emily Harding

Rocket Yoga

Emily created "YEH Yoga" to offer fun, accessible and uplifting yoga classes suitable for all levels, with a particular emphasis on making yoga welcoming (and not scary!) for those beginning their yoga journey. 

With a continuing focus on the breath and alignment, Emily strives to ensure that all students are able to realise the objectives of each class easily, as well as being challenged, encouraged, and celebrated through thoughtful, multi-level sequencing. 

Check out Emily's Instagram @yehyoga

Alice Maisetti

Dynamic Vinyasa

Alice is a devoted and charismatic yoga teacher who wants to share the power of yoga with you all! She comes from a gymnastics background and completed her 200 hour teacher training in India. She’s passionate about Yoga, not just as a physical practice, but as a way of living. Her classes are energetic, fun and will leave you feeling energise, with a big smile on your face!

Check out her Instagram @alicemaisetti


Giulia Setzu

Hatha Vinyasa Community Class - All levels

Giulia has over 10 year of personal yoga practice, she trained in Barcelona where she taught Yoga before moving to London. She had been trained in Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 

She has practiced with some of worlds' best teachers and has attended several yoga training workshops.

Giulia teaches Hatha Vinyasa, dynamic classes with a strong focus on breath and alignment, developing awareness and concentration. She has experience with beginners and advanced students, she welcomes all levels to her class.


Check out her instagram: @yogawithgiulia

Alix Glow

Vinyasa Flow - All Levels

Alix trained in the jungle in Costa Rica, combining her passion for nature, yoga and sunshine. Alix's Vinyasa or Hatha style classes will heat, strengthen and stretch the body, whilst calming the fluctuations of the busy mind. Prepare to be guided through compassionate flows taking you to a place of physical and mental self love. Find your inner light and glow!

Pia Cumine

Hatha Flow/ Yin - All Levels

Pia started yoga after playing numerous sports at school and university which left her with a lot of injuries. She was looking for something to help manage these injuries as well as issues with asthma and being a stressed out student. The relaxation, focus and strength yoga gave her felt amazing and planted the seed for the future.

Fast forward a couple of years, she moved to London and completed a 200hr Anusara teacher training at Triyoga with Bridget Woods-Krammer in 2014.
Even tough Anusara Yoga has had a difficult couple of years she find the core Hatha teachings to be a solid foundation for future learning and practice.

She teaches a slow flow/dynamic Hatha with a focus on alignment and heart opening postures. You will leave class feeling relaxed, uplifted with a greater connection between body and mind, as well as having some fun!

Jodie Hurn

Dynamic Vinyasa - All Levels

Jodie first began regular yoga practice in 2006, but it wasn't until attending an Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow class a few years later that she found her true spiritual and physical home. Having undertaken a teacher training course with The Yoga People in 2014, Jodie gained a firm grounding in the principles of the Ashtanga Primary series and The Rocket System. Continuing her training in 2017, Jodie gained a further 100 hours advanced training in Yon Yoga, allowing her to offer both Yang and Yin focused classes. Jodie's classes are suitable for all levels, full of energy and provide the opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate the body and mind from the stresses of London life... headstands optional. 

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